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It's free to Connect communities of any size. Groups, Teams, Friends, Family, Topics, Places, Events.

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SYTES (SeeYouThen ExchangeS) are People, Places, and Events Connectors.

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Social Events

SeeYouThen is a unique cool easy way to connect People, Places and Events.

So... lets get connected.

Features at a glance.

Personal Profile

Build your profile, connect with friends.

Schedule your Posts

BizSYTeS can schedule posts.

Claim your BizSyte

Connect your customers and prospects.

@Tags for Profiles and sytes.

Pick a nickname for your profile and your bizsyte.

#Hash Tag your Posts

Tag your posts and exchanges.

Post Text, Photos, Links

Post to your profile, sytes, channels and social networks.

Activity Wall to stay updated.

Posts are updated in real-time on your walls.

Post from our Chrome Extension!

Sooo easy to post content from the web.

Syndicate your content!

Connect your feed to other social networks.

Direct message your friends and syte members.

DM your friends and bizsyte members.

Get your Community Involved!

Local Reach made simple.

Invite your Customers to Join.

Direct Mobile Solution for Communication.

Inbound Landing Page Example!

Landing Page that you can put anywhere! Even on your own webpage.

You can specify which members can post.

Admin Only, or Select specific members that can post.

You are in control!

Report and Block Posts and Members with ease.