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A few of the features of the community and your exchange!
"A unique combination of private social networking, group photo sharing, and easy website building."
Group Based 150 themes Page Builder Photo Sharing Messaging
Exchanges are private, group or event websites.  

Exchanges are one of the coolest part about SeeYouThen.
Exchanges are private and personalized. They are typically dedicated to a specific event, wedding, team, or group of people that want to exchange privately.
  • Members can create or belong to multiple exchanges (group or event websites).
    - Your memberships evolves as your life evolves.
  • High Resolution Photo Collecting!:
    - One private and convenient location for everyone's high-res photos.
  • 2 Minute Setup Time:
    - Your exchange is ready to use immediately, you can accept the defaults or spend the time to completely configure it to your tastes.
  • Themes Builder:
    - You can choose from 150 different themes or edit them by simply changing the colors or uploading new graphics.
  • Easy Web Page Builder:
    - Enables you to communicate information about you and your events.
  • Personalized URL:
    - Your own personalized and private URL so that you can send friends directly to your exchange.
  • Exchange Activity Wall:
    - You see all the activity, comments and messages that are specific to your exchange.
  • Social!:
    - Your friends join your exchange and can interact and contribute
  • Admin Panel:
    - You completely control every aspect of your exchange including who can help you administer it.
Personalize your exchange with Editable Themes.
150+ Themes and Growing:
Every theme can be added in seconds to your exchange and changed to your tastes.
  • Theme Library
    - Pick from over 150 themes.
  • Matching themes to popular invitations, save the dates, etc.
  • Theme Editor:
    - Edit the colors and graphics of every theme to add your personal style.
  • Custom Designs:
    - If you ask nicely and have a special request we have been known to create a personal theme to your events.
  • Themes can change on the fly:
    - Change your theme to match your timeline. Don't know you color scheme yet? Go wild early, then formal later.
high resolution digital photo collecting
One place to keep track of all activity.
Personal Profile Area:
  • Personal Profile:
    - Every Member has their own private profile.
  • Preferences and Privacy:
    - You decide who can see your private information.
  • Activity Wall:
    - Keep track of all the activity across all the exchanges that you own or belong.
  • Exchange Icons:
    - Quickly jump to any of your exhanges or your friend's exchanges.
  • Status Update:
    - Update your profile status for SeeYouThen Weddings, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, AOL, Linkedin, Yahoo at the same time!
  • Personal Photo Storage:
    - Think of it like your own personal "stash" of photos that you want to keep at SeeYouThen that you have uploaded directly or pulled from the exchanges that you belong to.
  • Friends:
    - Invite your friends or meet new ones by adding them to your friends list.
  • Messages:
    - Send and receive messages to and from friends.
Personal Profile
Photo Collecting Made Easy!
No downsizing the originals. Exchange the good stuff.
High Resolution Photos added by everyone that attends your event or belongs to your exchange.
  • Exchange Members can upload up to 100 at a time!
    - Digital cameras package photos in 100 photo folders, so we let you upload 100 photos at a time!
  • Sort and Organize into collections:
    - Every exchange member can create their own private collections for organizing and collecting.
  • Built in Photo Editor:
    - We have partnered with Picnik Photo Editing service to allow you to edit and crop your photos!
  • Tagging:
    - Every exchange member can help tag photos so that it makes it easy to find pictures of you or your friends.
  • Comments and FotoNotes:
    - Every exchange member can leave comments or add FotoNotes to any photo.
  • Photo Details:
    - Every exchange member can search by every aspect of a photo, (who it was uploaded by, when it was uploaded, when it was shot, etc)
  • Unlimited!:
    - Upgradable to unlimited for an unbelievably low price.
high resolution digital photo collecting
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