What's SeeYouThen?

SeeYouThen in a Nutshell
Here are the Basics: 
SeeYouThen is a  Social app anyone can create a profile, post and subscribe to content they are interested in.
The 3 Main components are:  User Profile, SYTES, and Channels. 
USER PROFILES: (similar to other social platforms) 
Registered Members can Post through the SeeYouThen's Community Platform.

SYTES: (group based, subject based, members can join)
SYTES are group based and are designed to connect members around a common subject. 
  • We have created a teamSYTE for every GoDogs team to utilize for coaches, players, and fans.
  • Think of a a teamSYTE as a group based mobile and web app that you can publish to and subscribe to connect to team information.
  • teamSYTE Admininstrators can choose who can post into a teamSYTE by changing its permissions. 
  • Members of a SYTE can be granted admin privileges easily through the app

Example:  You could have 1 person that posts all updates/results for the team, scores, etc.
You could allow everyone to post photos, etc as they attend events. 

CHANNELS: Rolled up content from multiple SYTES (by tags/keywords)
Channels are accessible without a login.  
They are designed to enable discovery of content.
We have created a Channel for all teamSYTES tagged "godogs"
We call this the GoDogs Channel.  
You can curate your own interests from this baseline. 

You may be only interested in one team - subscribe to that teamSYTE
You may want to subscribe to all "girls sports" or "godogs/girls/wintersports"
Some of these are shown in the menu.  

Hope this primer helps, if you have questions, please email support@seeyouthen.com

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